April 11th

Only 35 students completed the milestone review packet over spring break.  Students can work through this packet this week in order to help them prepare for the math milestone this Friday.  Answers are also available for students to check their work.

Spring Break Milestone Review Packet: Milestone Review Packet

Spring Break Milestone Review Answers: Spring Break Packet ANSWER KEY

Please visit each Unit’s pages at the top with review links and activities for the units you feel you need the most practice!


March 24th

Test is tomorrow!!

Here is the relay game we played in class today: Rational Numbers Test Review – Relay Game

Study Guide answers: U7 Study Guide Answers

Study Guide: U7 Study Guide

Extra review resource: Rational Numbers Extra Test Review

Print or Copy down riddle below on a piece of paper to earn points on your test…thanks for checking the blog!!     “I am thinking of a rational number that is between 3.2 and 3.6 on a number line.  It has two digits and is even.  What number am I thinking of?”

You must also take a guess at what rational number!

March 15th

Today students worked at their own pace in order to show mastery over ordering and comparing rational numbers.  We will continue working on these activities tomorrow as well.  Students were given individualized homework assignments from the links below.

Here is the link to the opening game activity we did to practice turning fractions to decimals: Mission Fraction Decimal Game

Ants: Identify decimals on the number line click here: number_lines_decimals

Bats: Plot decimals on the number line click here: decimal-number-lines-hundreths_TWDZN

Cows: Order fractions..turn into decimals first click here: Cows Ordering Fractions

Dogs: Compare positive and negative fractions click here: Compare Fractions and decimals

Eagles & Frogs: Order & Compare Rational numbers click here: Eagles and Frogs RN


March 14th

Happy Pi Day!

Students are to complete page 843 in their workbooks for homework. Click here: pg. 843 workbook

Integer video from class: PBS Integer Video

We discussed negative and positive numbers today and their positions on a number line.  We also compared numbers using inequality symbols < > and began ordering rational numbers.  Click here for the relay game from class today: Modified Integer Relay (002)

Short Quiz Friday

Next Test: March 25th