August 12th

Today we continued to practice long division.

Check out a long division game: Division Game

Or a Video! You Tube Division Video

Mrs. Leach & Mrs. Schwak Homework: pg. 6 in workbooks click here: 8-12-15 Homework

Mrs. Bothers Homework:  pg. 50-51 in workbook, #s 17-23.

Mrs. Ledesma’s Homework: pg. 49-50 in workbook


August 11th

Today we reviewed how to divide using long division.  We will continue practicing for the rest of the week.  Students will have a quiz on long division Friday.

For students who need to finish setting up their Math Survival Guide (MSG) click here: Monday August 10- Tuesday August 11- MSG Set Up Unit 1

Mrs. Leach, Mrs. Bothers, & Mrs. Schwak’s Homework:8-11-15 Long Division Homework

Mrs. Ledesma’s Homework click here: Vocab handout