May 11th

Click here for SMI Link: SMI LINK

Click on purple math inventory box in bottom right hand corner

Enter lunch number as username and password.



If you do not follow directions, you will have to log off of computer!

Check homework from Monday Night: Monday Homework Check One Step Integers

  1. IF NEEDED:  Review solving one step equations with integers powerpoint. Follow along and practice on a sheet of notebook paper. Click here for powerpoint: One Step Equations with Integers Powerpoint

  2. MUST DO:   Videos & Practice:

a.) Watch the video for example one and complete the practice

b.) Watch the video for example two and complete the practice

  1. MUST DO: Complete the practice quiz:

  2. MUST DO: Complete questions 1 – 10 on Practice B attachment and get checked by the teacher. Click here for practice problems: Solving One Step With integers Practice 

  3. Students receiving 80% accuracy (at least 8 out of 10 correct) will move on to games.

a) Game One One Step Basketball:

**Select superstar skill level**

b) Game Two Connect Four:

Select one step problems, a time limit, and either level 1, 2, or 3

  1. Students not receiving 80% accuracy will make corrections to problems missed and continue the Practice B problems 11 – 21 and checked by the teacher when finished.