January 27th

6 Composite Polygon Area problems.  Click here: Homework Wed 1-27


Tutoring tomorrow at 8:15 A.M with Mrs. Leach!


January 26th Homework

5 Composite polygon area questions.  Skip #1!!! Click here for homework: Composite Homework 1


  1. Divide composite figure into the polygons that you see.  (rectangles, squares, or triangles).
  2. Fill in the missing measurements like a puzzle (parallel/opposite sides have the same measure)
  3. Find the areas of each polygon (use formula sheet)
  4. Add the areas together.


Study Skills TOMORROW in the theater @ 8:15

Tutoring = Thursday @ 8:15

Quiz on Composite Polygons = Friday

January 20th

Homework tonight is over parallelograms on page. 578 in workbooks.  Click here for homework: p. 578 parallelogram homework

To find the area of a parallelogram, you simply multiply the base by the height.

Students can refer to pages 576 – 577 in their textbooks for step by step examples!

Tutoring is tomorrow morning with Mrs. Bothers! 8:15 A.M.

Week of January 11th

Monday: Direct Variation Homework on identifying independent and dependent variables.

Inequality Creative Assignment is due tomorrow!! Click here for instructions: Inequality Creative Assignment

Click here for homeworkIndependent and Dependent Variable Homework

Click here for notesDirect Variation Class Notes

Tuesday: Graphing direct variation

Click here for homework: Direct Variation iPod Problem

Wednesday: Finish Want Ad task if needed

Click here for task: Direct Variation Exploration Want Ads Task

Thursday: Study for test tomorrow!!!

Click here for a review: Unit 4 Review

Friday: Unit 4 Standards Test

Week of January 5th 2016

Happy New Year!!

Tuesday 1-5-16

Today, students were introduced to inequalities.  We watched the Goliath roller coaster video and discussed heights that could ride the coaster that were at least 54 inches tall.  Example: 54 in, 60 in, 72 in.  We also discussed heights that would not be able to ride. Example: 53 in, 45 in, 50 in.  Click here for a copy of class notes: Inequality Notes and Activity0001

Homework tonight is on the back of the notes handout. Click here for homework and be sure to scroll to the second page for the assignment: Chart

Powerpoint notes: Inequality Lesson

Wednesday 1-6 and Thursday 1-7:

Tutoring will be Thursday Morning with Ms. Shumway!!

We will be learning to graph inequalities as well as solve one step inequalities.

Wednesday and Thursday Homework.  Wednesday’s is on the left column and Thursday’s is on the right column. CLICK HERE:   1-8 1-9 HW

Inequality Creative Assignment due Tuesday 1-12-16

Click here for assignment details: Inequality Creative Assignment

Friday 1-8:

Quiz on inequalities