December 16th

TEST TOMORROW!!! Last summative grade of the semester.  See post below for review resources!!

Homework tonight is to finish study guide: Unit 4 Summative Quiz Review

Tutoring is with ME tomorrow at 8:15…see you in my room!

Thanks for checking the blog! Click here to redeem 5 extra points on your test tomorrow: Unit 4 Blog Check Certificate

If you don’t have a printer, just copy it down on a piece of notebook paper.


Week of December 14th

Our homework this week will be working on a study guide to prepare for the test on THURSDAY DECEMBER 17th!

Tutoring will be the day of the test at 8:15 in Ms. Shumway’s room.

ALL MISSING WORK DUE TOMORROW!!! Students received their missing assignments on Friday December 11th.

Click here for study guide: Unit 4 Summative Quiz Review

Review resources for the week:

Monday Jeopardy! Click here: One Step Equations Jeopardy

Tuesday Musical Chairs Click here: Musical Math One Step Equations Questions

Wednesday Plicker Review: Plicker Review MC Questions for Equations Test

Extra Bingo review: December 9 – one step equations BINGO

Go to the week of November 30th (scroll!!) post to view interactive practice, videos, answer keys, and games!!

December 8th

Students have 12 problems tonight for homework.  4 word problems where they will solve the word problem and write a one step equation that matches the word problem.  Students also have 8 solving one step equations questions. Click here: Tuesday Word Problem Homework

The reverse side of their homework is the notes we took in class today!

We also did some practice problems with quizlet flash cards.  Click here: Quizlet Word Problem Link