Week of November 30th

One Step Equation Lessons

All students will start in quadrant B and progress to quadrant’s C and D once mastery is achieved.  Below are all of the resources we will be using for the week in class as well as homework.  This week, lessons are very individualized so not everyone will have the same homework or be in the same place.

  1. Quadrant B: Add & Subtract One Step Equations

Guided Notes & PracticeQuad B Guided Notes0001

B1 PracticeB1 Handout

B2 PracticeB2 Handout

B3 PracticeB3 Handout

B4 Extra PracticeB4 Extra Practice


B1 & B2 Answer keys: B1 and B2 Answer Keys0001

B3 Answer keyB3 Answers0001

B4 Answer KeyB4 and C3 Answer Keys


One Step Addition PowerpointOne Step Addition

One Step Subtraction PowerpointOne Step Subtraction

One Step Addition & Subtraction Video & Interactive PracticeClick here to watch

One Step Basketball GameClick here to play

One Step Soccer GameClick here to play

2. Quadrant C: One Step Equation Multiplication & Division Equations

Guided Notes & PracticeQuad C Guided Notes0001

C1 PracticeC1 Handout

C2 PracticeC2 Handout

C3 Practice: C3 Handout


One Step Multiplication PowerpointOne Step Multiplication

One Step Division PowerpointOne Step Division

One Step Multiplication & Division Video & Interactive PracticeClick here to watch & practice


C1 & C2 Answer KeysC1 & C2 Answer Key0001

C3 Answer Key: Look on Page 2 for key B4 and C3 Answer Keys

3. Quadrant D: Word Problems & Application

Word Problem NotesQuadrant D Word Problem Notes

Facing Math ClassworkFacing Math

D1 Mixed Equation One Step Practice D1 HW One Step0001

D2: Writing and Solving One Step Word problems Writing one step equations Word Prob

More word problem practiceOne Step Word Problems


D1 Key: D1 Answer Key

D2 KeyOne Step Equation Word Problem Key0001


The School DanceSchool Dance Task

Elk StreetElk Street Task0001


All Equation Practice: Click here to practice all equations

Jeopardy! One Step Equations Jeopardy

QuizletWriting Equation Practice



November 19th

In class review slides: 15-16 U3 Test Review Slides

Answers to review questions: Answers to Review

TEST TOMORROW!!!!! See yesterday’s post for review handout resources!!

Blog Check Certificate: Print this blog post or copy down the following information below and turn it in to me tomorrow to earn 5 points to your test as a token of appreciation for checking my blog 🙂

Shhhh…..this is a secret!!

Guess Mrs. Schwak’s age by evaluating the following numerical expression using the Order of Operations:

(5 x 5 – 3) + 10 – 3

November 18th

Finish classwork review side one if you did not finish in class.  Click here: In Class Unit 3 Test Review

If you finished the test review side one, complete EVENS only on side two. Click here: Math Op Unit 30001

Some students still have not finished the study guide that was assigned Monday and Tuesday night.  Click here for study guide: U3 Study Guide On Level

Test is Friday!!  Tutoring is tomorrow at 8:15 A.M with Mrs. Leach

November 13th

Because of the JA Biztown field trip, students worked on a choice board the past two days choosing between a words to math crossword or riddle, a combine like terms riddle or matching activity, and then everyone was to complete a facing the math sheet.  One assignment will be taken for a grade.  Have a nice weekend!

November 5th

Last night’s homework key:  U3Q1 Key Use this one0001

Today we learned about how to write algebraic expressions in words.


  1. n + 12   “a number increased by 12”  “n plus twelve”
  2. m – 16   “16 less than m”   “a number minus sixteen”
  3. 7x  “7 times a number”  “the product of seven and x”
  4. y/6  “y divided by 6”  “the quotient of y and 6”

*Reverse order words: less than, subtracted from, fewer than

Translating Expression Clue Words: ClueWords

Homework half sheet: 11-5-15 Words to math HW