Friday October 30th Computer Lab Instructions

Tasks with ** next to them must be completed first.

**Finish SMI testing if needed.  Link to SMI.  You can use paper and pencil.

**Homework from last night must be complete before moving on to websites. Click here for a copy of homework. Scroll to page 2.  OrderofOperationsColorbyNumberFREEBIE

After testing and completion of homework, complete the following tasks:

  1. Check homework on blog: OrderofOperationsColorbyNumberFREEBIE   Scroll to page 4 to find the answer key.
  1. Complete exponent review questions 1-6 on notebook paper: 11-5-14 OL Expression HW0001
  1. Learn Alberta: Click on the operation in the expression in order as you follow the order of operations. Play the first two activities.
  1. Order of Operations Millionaire: One Player option ONLY

  1. Order of Operations Online Practice

October 29th Homework

Today students took a math inventory assessment today on the computer and some will finish tomorrow.  For homework, students will complete more order of operations practice.  Order of operations is a 5th grade standard and should be a review for most students.

Homework click here: OrderofOperationsColorbyNumberFREEBIE

Order of operations video:

October 21st

Today we reviewed in class using boards, markers, and erasers.  Two sets of review slides are included for extra practice.  Some of the slides about decimal, fraction, and percent equivalence can be skipped.  I am also including an extra review should students need it.  They should have their study guide already finished by now.

Review slides click here: Ratio Test Review Slides          U2 Test Review Slides 2

Extra Review click here: Unit 5 Ratio Long Weekend Review

Test is tomorrow and Friday!!  There will be no tutoring tomorrow due to conferences.

Computer Lab Directions

**If you had difficulty with the homework last night, click here:  OL 10-21-13 HW Help0001 to review how to set up some of the problems and make corrections**

Because we will continue using proportions to solve measurement conversions, explore the links below to practice solving proportions.  There is percent practice too.

You must show work on a piece of paper and may use notes if needed! You may use the calculator on the computer to assist you.

Proportion Multiple choice questions

Rags to riches proportions game

Ratio flashcards with vocabulary and ratio review questions

Simplifying ratios

Dirt Bike proportion game


Percent Number Invaders: