September 29th

Homework tonight: Proportion Practice A #1 – 9 only.  Be sure to show work!!!! Click here: practice_a

Notes from class today click here: Proportion Notes

Video Link: Proportion Video

Powerpoint: Proportions powerpoint

Equivalent Ratio Game Links: Memory Game    Dolphin Game Link

Quiz Friday!!

Tutoring Tomorrow at 8:15 with Ms. Dudek!


September 29th

Today, students continued reviewing ratios and unit rates.  They learned strategies for identifying equivalent ratios.

Click here for homework: pg. 205-206

September 17th

Today we talked about unit rates, which is a comparison of two measurements where one of the terms has a value of 1.  Example: 20 miles per 1 gallon

Homework: Page 202 in workbooks.  Students may use a calculator!  Click here for homework assignment (page 2 of this document is notes from the textbook): 9-17-15 Homework

September 10th

Study Guide click here: U1Study Guide

As a thank you for checking the blog, click here for a bonus certificate: Unit 1 Blog Check Certificate     If you can’t print, you can just copy down what it says on a piece of notebook paper!

Study Guide Answer key: U1Study Guide Study Guide Key

Unit 1 Interactive/Game Links: Unit 1 Test Review Links

Test is tomorrow!! Today we reviewed with boards, markers, and erasers.

Tuesday September 8th

Students started reviewing for their test on Friday using boards, markers, and erasers.  Students will receive their quizzes from last Friday on Wednesday (tomorrow).

Complete the next two sections, Add/Subtract decimals and GCF/LCM word problems on this review sheet for homework. Pay attention to the dates!

Click here for assignment:  15-16 Unit 1 Number System Fluency Test Review

Unit 1 Test = Friday, September 11th    Tutoring: Thursday, September 10th at 8:15

September 2nd

Homework: 6 problems over Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple

Click here: 9-2-15 GCF LCM Word Problems

See links from Monday and Tuesday of this week for notes and video.

First tutoring session is tomorrow at 8:15 in Mrs. Bother’s room.  Students were given the tutoring schedule today and it is also under the Course Information page.

Quiz on Friday!