August 31st

Homework: Greatest Common Factor Handout click here: 8-31-15 GCF Handout

Tutoring this week: Thursday, September 3rd at 8:15 in Mrs. Bother’s Room (Tutoring Schedule posted on the Course Info Page)

Quiz Friday September 4!

Video: You Tube GCF Lesson

GCF Games:


August 27th

Students continued practicing dividing fractions and will complete page 151 in their workbooks.  Click here: 8-27-15 Homework pg. 151

Look at video and notes from yesterday’s blog post for examples and help!

August 24th

Students took a quiz today on decimal operations.  Their homework for tonight is 9 problems involving adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals.  Students must show work and MAY NOT use a calculator for these problems.

Click here for homework: 8-24 All Decimal Practice

Grades thus far should be posted by tonight.

August 14th

Take home long division quiz for some periods due to missing instruction yesterday for the assembly: Quiz 1 – Long Division math 6

Mrs. Ledesma: 1st period, complete long division take home quiz. Periods 2, 3, and 4 complete Textbook pg.52

Continue studying multiplication facts!

August 12th

Students will have a quiz over long division tomorrow.  Check yesterday’s blog for a division video and game!

Mrs. Ledesma’s homework: Finish round robin and silly sally error analysis handout.

Mrs. Bother’s homework: Study for quiz tomorrow

Mrs. Leach’s homework:  Study old division HW sheets and MSG division notes/examples for quiz tomorrow

Mrs. Schwak’s homework: Complete pg. 49 in your workbooks unless Mrs. Schwak gave you another handout to do.

August 11th

Today we reviewed how to divide using long division.  We will continue practicing for the rest of the week.  Students will have a quiz on long division Friday.

For students who need to finish setting up their Math Survival Guide (MSG) click here: Monday August 10- Tuesday August 11- MSG Set Up Unit 1

Mrs. Leach, Mrs. Bothers, & Mrs. Schwak’s Homework:8-11-15 Long Division Homework

Mrs. Ledesma’s Homework click here: Vocab handout

August 7th

Keep practicing your multiplication facts!! See links below to help you practice. Have a great weekend! Be sure to have supplies & your syllabus signed 🙂